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Training Workshop:

Optical and molecular sensitive imaging and sensing in medicine

Speaker(s): apl. Prof. Dr. Michael Schmitt Institute of Physical Chemistry, Friedrich-Schiller University of Jena

Location: Jena, Leibniz-IPHT

Optical imaging techniques exploit the full enabling potential of photonics as they have in general the
advantage of being much cheaper than radiology imaging standards such as magnetic resonance,
computed tomography, or positron emission tomography. They can be compact, of use in point-ofcare
settings, mobile, are perfect screening tools, and do not employ ionizing radiation. With the
demographic changes, the number of people above 65 years of age will dramatically increase during
the next decades. It will be a major challenge to guarantee good health and good quality of life for a
majority of elderly people, given the rapid increase in age and life style related diseases. For this task
it is important to have diagnostic tools available that are easy to operate, easy to access, costeffective,
and allow for early diagnosis of disease onset, before the quality of life has been already
reduced, irreversible damages are done, and treatment becomes ineffective
This training workshop gives an explanation on optical and molecular sensitive imaging and sensing
in medicine. The courses will be primarily directed to students and staff scientist as well as engineers
but also open to external guests.

The European HORIZON2020 project Multimodal Optical Diagnosis of Ocular and Neurodegenerative
Disease (MOON) is funded as an initiative of Photonics Public-Private-Partnership Photonics21 and
aims at improving the diagnosis of major ophthalmic and neurodegenerative diseases through the
development of disruptive optical technology. Further information please find at

The workshop will take place in the conference room of the Leibniz-IPHT.

Employees, students and guests are cordially invited.

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