Projects of the consolidation phase

The four-year consolidation phase of the LSC InfectoOptics (2019 to 2023) will build on achievements from the identification phase by supporting ongoing and new ambitious or high-risk projects that explore biomedical questions with advanced optical technologies to combat infectious diseases.

As in the identification phase, the Executive Board has launched an open call for proposals to address the high societal need for basic research to quickly, reliably and accurately diagnose and treat infectious diseases through the development of new optical/photonic technologies. From these, both entirely new projects as well as proposals for continuation from the core projects of the identification phase were selected for funding.
The continuation projects refine the thematic focus and build on the experience gained during the identification phase.

The following projects were selected for the consolidation phase:

The focus of the highly cooperative transdisciplinary concept continues to be on first-class basic research with a high practical relevance at the interface between infection research and optics / photonics / microsystems technology and pronounced systems biology / bioinformatics components.
The LSC InfectoOptics thus fulfils a bridging function between pure basic research (several Collaborative Research Centres of the German Research Foundation (DFG) based in Jena, Cluster of Excellence Balance of the Microverse) and applied research (InfectoGnostics Research Campus, InfectControl 2020 and Leibniz Centre for Photonics in Infection Research).